MINICOMB-EDS Electronic Pressure Switch

The MINICOMB® EDS is an electronic pressure switch for measuring, switching and display of relative and absolute pressure and vacuum of gaseous and liquid media.

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MINICOMB-EDS Electronic Pressure Switch

Electronic compact switch
for pressure (up to 25 bar) and vacuum

MINICOMB-EDS/HP Electronic Pressure Switch

Electronic compact switch
für high pressure up to 600 bar

- monochrome high-resolution OLED full graphical display
- menu oriented to VDMA standard sheet 24574-1 with additional plain text menu
- ergonomic 3-button control panel
- hysteresis- and window-mode
- available Outputs 1x PNP, 2x PNP or 1x PNP with 4 - 20 mA
- invertable anlogue output
- zero-point adjustment
- adjustable switching and reset delay
- changable units
- adjustable display power shut-off
- rotatable display indication
- password protection