PINTER develops and manufactures standardized or tailor-made systems and solutions. 
Amongst others electronic, hydaulic or pneumatic controllers, e.g. for controlling safety valves or emergency-stop systems for general engineering

Safety Equipment for Natural Gas Extraction (ATEX, SIL)

Toreplace an expensive setup with several instruments and components PINTER was asked to developed a unique system to control gas extraction with regard to MAX and MIN pressure monitoring, supply air control, battery-powered GSM-alarm and many other functional and safety-related features.

Pneumatic Controller for Safety Valves (TÜV, ATEX, SIL)

For more than 10 years PINTER manufactures pneumatic / electro-pneumatic controllers for a renown German manufacturer of safety valves. These types of safety valves are used in all kinds of power plants and process industries. With an installation base of several thousand controllers this truly is a success story.

Pneumatic Emergeny Stop Module (ATEX, PL)

The ESM was developed and is being manufactured for a customer making high-pressure compressors. It provides an out-the-box solution for stopping the compressor from working in an emergency situation. Kept simple, the machine operator just has to hit one STOP-button for a controlled shutdown.